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Box Full of Gourds


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Save money, buy a box of gourds at a discount over individual gourd price!
Let us know if you want a special box, or if you're looking for a different variety of hard shell gourds than shown. We will be happy to create a special box for you at a discounted price.(If gourds are available)

Choose a box of these gourd crafting favorites in either washed or unwashed.

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1 Box Full of Gourds(12)- Mini Box Ornament GourdsBox Full of Gourds(12)- Mini Box Ornament Gourds12 gourds - perfect for making Holiday ornaments. Clean and ready to craft. 1-1/2" - 3" diameter. Variety of mini bottle type, egg, banana, pear and misc shapes.
2 Box Full of Mini-Bottles (25) - CleanBox Full of Mini-Bottles (25) - CleanThese mini-bottles are great for making ornaments, rattles, animals or whatever. They're very lightweight, so they won't pull your tree branches down. This box contains 25 mini bottles in the size range of 1-1/2" - 2-1/2" diameter. shape and size varies. Let us know if you need a certain size/shape. Clean and ready to paint. A real bargain price!

3 Box of 100 Unwashed Spinner Gourds (Jewelry)Box of 100 Unwashed Spinner Gourds (Jewelry)Save money by buying your gourds unwashed. This box of 100 jewelry gourds (Tennessee Spinners) are a real bargain.
4 Box of 4 large Martin (Kettle) Gourd-WashedBox of 4 large Martin (Kettle) Gourd-WashedThis box contains 4 large (8" - 9" diameter) Martin Gourds. Ready to Craft! Nice for bowls or birdhouses, smooth surface to carve, save money on the box price.
5 Box of 6 Cannonball Gourds - washedBox of 6 Cannonball Gourds - washedThis box contains 6 washed 5" - 6" Cannonball Gourds.
6 Box of 8 Bird House GourdsBox of 8 Bird House GourdsBox of 8 gourds that are perfect for making a variety of birdhouses. Sizes range from 6" - 8" in diameter. May contain minor blems or surface crack
7 Box of Mixed Gourds (9 qty) - washedBox of Mixed Gourds (9 qty) - washedThis box contains 2 washed 8" - 9" Martins, 2 washed 5" -6" Apples and 4 washed 5" - 6" Cannonball Gourds and 1 washed 6" - 8" tobacco Box gourd. Good variety of "Ready to Craft" Gourds.
8 Box of Mixed Jewelry Gourds(25) - washedBox of Mixed Jewelry Gourds(25) - washedThis box of gourds is perfect for making ornaments, jewelry, light cord pulls and more. You get 25 mixed spinner, pear and bottle style jewelry gourds. These jewelry gourds range in size from 3/4" diameter to 2-3/4" diameter. Washed and ready to use.
9 Jewelry Gourd-Starter box (25)Jewelry Gourd-Starter box (25)Great for making ornaments, necklaces or jewelry. Gourds are washed and ready to craft. Size 1" - 1-1/2" diameter. 25 gourds in box. Variety of sizes
10 Variety pack of (25) washed gourdsVariety pack of (25) washed gourdsWhat a value! 25 gourds, washed and ready to craft. 14 mini sized gourds as well as 11 gourds suitable for birdhouses, bowls, and many more craft projects. BOXES MAY VARY, NOT EVERY TYPE IS AVAILABLE AT ALL TIMES, THERE MAY BE SUBSTITUTES IN SIZE AND TYPES.
Buy hard-shell gourds by the box.


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Order in Time for Christmas

Order in Time for Christmas

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