Lexel Adhesive Caulk 5 oz. Squeeze Tube


Works great for installing the entrance cylinder and cleanout access. I have not found another adhesive caulk that will stick to polypropylene plastics well. Water cleanup. One 5 oz. tube is enough to caulk 5 to 7 Purple Martin Houses.

Our friend Chuck Abare says this about Lexel: "In all my previously made gourds, I used a material called LEXEL. I have found that this material is much better suited for an application like this and plus, it NEVER hardens and it sticks to the Polyethylene parts extremely well. Gourds that I prepared 4 years ago are still going very strong without a single failure or crack. I would suggest that if you fear that using PPCA might be a problem for you, then use the Lexel. It can be obtained from Amish Gourds or from many hardware outlets." Chuck is an expert on Purple Martin gourds, you can read more of his ideas in our helpful hints, Purple Martin Gourd section.

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