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Enchanted Miniature Gardens Handcrafted miniature garden accessories to create your own enchanted garden! Fairy houses, gnome houses, miniature castles, cottage garden, unique fairy doors and more!
Organic Pumpkin Gardening Tips Learn about pumpkin history, pumpkin folklore and how to grow your own organic pumpkins.
Orchids Plus More Whether you are an orchid enthusiast or interested in a gift, this is the right site. Learn about the care and history of orchid plants and you can order as well. We Also carry bonsai trees and roses.
Rain Barrel Guide Rain barrels are more popular than ever for the environmentally conscience homeowner. Learn about the benefits of using rain barrels, how to design a rain barrel system, and how much water you can store.
Green House Plan An environmental house plan designed from the ground up to be energy efficient, beautiful, and comfortable, for the way we really live.
Organic Herb Gardening Learn how to grow your herbs without harmful chemical. Organic herb gardening is better for your family and for the environment.
Greenhouse Buyers Guide Greenhouse gardening can help you enjoy gardening all year round! Before you buy, learn about different styles of greenhouses and which on is right for you. We include greenhouse gardening tips and greenhouse maintenance tips.
Organic Pest Control Learn how to take care of your garden the natural way. Information on common garden pests and how to treat them organically. Organic pest control is healthier for you, the environment, and your family.
Aztec Gardens - The Pre-Hispanic Plants and Foods of Mexico. An expanding list of the pre-Hispanic plants and foods of Mexico, for teachers, students, chefs and amateur ethno botanists.
A Recycling Revolution Changing the way we think about recycling and our trash. Provides both basic and extensive recycling information. Learn to create crafts from recycled items, reuse the trash in your home, and ways to integrate recycling into fund raising and volunteer opportunities.
The Botanical Source The Botanical Source are specialists in herbs for health and wellness, and organic seeds. Our product range is superb and of the highest quality.
You are invited to browse our online catalogue.
Urban Gardening and Agriculture - Urban gardening is a great way to improve the urban environment. Learn all about different forms of urban gardening and agriculture with our informational site. No matter how big your city or how small your apartment, you can enjoy gardening.
Dedicated to Country Living . Articles, advice and news related to life in the country - from making pickles to re-financing your country home.
Guzmans Greenhouse We provide gardening tips geared for the southwest. Plants, shrubs and tree care for
everyone's landscaping or home needs.
Buy Heirloom tomato seeds from Gary Ibsen in California. 500 varieties of best-tasting, organically grown, heirloom tomato seeds at www.tomatofest.com
Garden Accents -
Elegant yet charming garden accents for the home garden with many beautiful products like gazebos, candle holders, garden bridges and screens, furniture, planters, trellis and more at FrostProof Growers your source for garden accents worldwide.



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