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Welcome to our page of gourd books at Amish Gourds. From here, novices and experts can browse and discover step-by-step instructions for creating gourd art in many delightful forms. Learn to create decorated gourds as dolls, musical instruments, pull toys, planters and so much more. You'll get help coming up with the perfect gourd craft idea to artistically express yourself. You'll find guidance for selecting the right gourd art supplies for your dried gourd crafts (which can differ greatly from supplies for other arts and crafts). Wherever your painted gourd desires take you, you'll get great instruction for creating stunning gourd crafts here.

As you peruse the collection of gourd books here at Amish Gourds, we want you to know why everything sold on our website is of such superior quality. It's because quality + competitive price + excellent customer service = the value that brings customers back for more gourd art supplies and dried gourd crafts. It's largely a no-brainer, really, but it's worth pointing out why we insist on delivering this value on every sale. When you're delighted with the gourd art value you get on your first arts and crafts purchase here, you're likely to be back when you need supplies for a good gourd craft idea, and you'll probably tell your friends who share your love of decorated gourds. Whether you and your friends come to us for books on how to create your own painted gourd or you want one of the gourd crafts we've conceived... either way, expect the value. Everyone wins!

Note: Orders for just one book can be sent via the United States Postal Service, please call our toll free number for ordering. . We want you to save money! Call 877-843-0770 toll-free with questions, we will be happy to help you. 8:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. Eastern Time. If no answer, leave a message with telephone number and we will call you back.

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1 Building Gourd BirdhousesBuilding Gourd BirdhousesThis detailed project book for making and decorating gourd birdhouses and feeders is complete with patterns, color palettes, supply lists, and step-by-step directions for each project.
2 Creating Bottles with Gourds and FiberCreating Bottles with Gourds and FiberThis new DIY book takes a step back in time to show how different forms of fiber have been used to tie a loop around the neck or waist of a gourd or to weave an intricate basket structure to hold the handle. With more than 350 color images and step-by-step instructions, seven projects are based on water containers from around the world
3 Creating Gourd BirdsCreating Gourd BirdsA step-by-step guide to crafting with gourds, and this time it's for the birds! You will want this book filled with fun ideas to create your own gourd birds.
4 Gourd Crafts - 6 Projects & PatternsGourd Crafts - 6 Projects & PatternsLearn all the steps necessary, from the ground up you might say, to create wonderful art with gourds. Over 220 clear color photos and concise text explain how to create gourd bird houses, bowls, apple boxes, whimsy-bird vases, ewers, and scarecrow roly-polys.
5 Gourd Fun for everyoneGourd Fun for everyoneEight step-by-step projects are shown to get you started, and there are lots of other examples to inspire your own ideas of what a gourd can be. Painting and decorating techniques, patterns, and practical instruction will have you creating masterpieces.
6 Gourd Puppets and DollsGourd Puppets and DollsA Do-It-Yourself Guide for Crafters, Gourd Puppets and Dolls by C. Angela Mohr is 64 pages filled with easy to follow techniques and ideas for making rag dolls, finger puppets, bobble head dolls and more. This book is fun for all ages.
7 Gourds + FiberGourds + FiberNew for 2011! Two of the world's leading experts combine gourd decorating and fiber arts for a fresh, up-to-date take on a centuries-old craft. Ginger Summit and Jim Widess will inspire gourd aficionados with a wide range of techniques, from coiling and plaiting to stitching and lacing. Over thirty fabulous projects use materials such as pine needles, silk cord, leather, reed, felt, and beads. A great guide to learning many fabulous techniques.
8 Learning the Art of Pyrography-by Al ChapmanLearning the Art of Pyrography-by Al ChapmanIn this book, Al Chapman will explain the different tools and mediums that can be used, and will show you in detail how to use them for different effects. All color illustrations, 8-1/2" x 11", softcover book
9 Making More Gourd OrnamentsMaking More Gourd OrnamentsBoth the beginner and advanced gourd artist will have fun decorating this holiday season. Will Ship USPS, fast for $4.95, call 877-843-0770
10 One Gourd at a Time, by Tricia SuttonOne Gourd at a Time, by Tricia SuttonStep-by-step instructions and 361 color images take you through 21 projects using both cleaned and uncleaned gourds. There's the snowman, gourd pin, shadow box, candy dish, and a beaded face mask. Chapters include cleaning and cutting the gourd, coloring and decorating, and easy-to-do projects with your gourd scraps. Though geared for beginners, this how-to book is also a great resource for seasoned crafters who want to take their gourd art to the next level. A gallery of completed projects will
11 Painting Gourds w/Fairy GourdmotherPainting Gourds w/Fairy GourdmotherStep-by-step instructions for painting and beautifully decorating a gourd snowman, witch-in-training, baby chimp, wall pocket, Christmas oil lamp, and more. Whether you're looking to make a great gift for family and friends or take up a new hobby, this how-to book is perfect for gourd crafters and woodworkers just starting out. 10 projects, includes patterns
Gourd crafting books make a great gift for anyone interested in arts and crafts. Crafting dried gourds is becoming more popular. Learn the basic techniques, including growing and cleaning tips to more advanced art forms. Amish Gourds has a large variety of gourd art and craft books to choose from. If you do not see a particular book that you are looking for, contact us and we may be able to locate it for you.


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