Gourd Tools and Craft Supplies

Welcome to the Gourd Carving Tools and Craft Supplies center at Amish Gourds! All the tools and supplies you need for your gourd craft projects await you here, from carving tools for your gourds to light bases and light cords for your luminary carved gourds

You’ll find tools and supplies for every stage of your gourd crafts — necessities for scooping, carving and painting gourds to transform them into stunning decorative gourds. When it comes to “crafts with gourds,” you must have the right tools and supplies. We are the source for all your gourd craft items required to produce gorgeous hand-painted gourds.

At Amish Gourds, it’s all about the value. Sure, it’s about the art, too, but regarding the gourd carving tools and craft supplies you need for your craft projects… it’s about the value. For every gourd crafts customer on every sale, we intend to impress you with value (quality, price, service). It’s this value that generates repeat business and referrals! So regardless of which tools or supplies you need for carving or painting gourds, expect the value. Not only do we want all your crafts with gourds to be successful, but we also want to be the gourd supplier for your future gourd crafts. Whether you’re an expert at hand-painted gourds or you’ve never carved gourds in your life, count on us to do everything we can to help you produce beautiful decorative gourds, including the delivery of value.

You’ve discovered the Gourd Carving Tools and Craft Supplies center at Amish Gourds! Browse and get the tools and supplies here for your craft projects that involve carving and painting gourds. Excellent crafts with gourds result from using quality tools and supplies, and that’s what you’ll find here. Ramelson tools are made using the finest high carbon tool steel, hand forged, heat treated and tempered by expert American craftsmen. Each tool is polished, sharpened and brushed to reinforce the high standard that makes the Ramelson tool a lifetime tool. Used for wood or gourd carving. Your carved gourds and gourd crafts will reflect the difference! Produce hand-painted gourds, and use those decorative gourds as the enjoyable, therapeutic artistic outlet that only dried gourd crafts can provide, with quality tools and supplies! We appreciate your visit today, and look forward to serving you.