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Gourd Tools and Craft Supplies


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Days are shorter and autumn weather will soon be here. Now is a good time to prepare your fall decor. Gourds are a favorite fall decorating media. Carved gourd jack-o-lanterns are one of our best sellers, and you can easily make them yourself too! They will last a lifetime if use indoors.
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Welcome to the Gourd Carving Tools and Craft Supplies center at Amish Gourds! All the tools and supplies you need for your gourd craft projects await you here, from carving tools for your gourds to light bases and light cords for your luminary carved gourds. You'll find tools and supplies for every stage of your gourd crafts -- necessities for scooping, carving and painting gourds to transform them into stunning decorative gourds. When it comes to "crafts with gourds," you must have the right tools and supplies. We are the source for all your gourd craft items required to produce gorgeous hand-painted gourds.

At Amish Gourds, it's all about the value. Sure, it's about the art, too, but regarding the gourd carving tools and craft supplies you need for your craft projects... it's about the value. For every gourd crafts customer on every sale, we intend to impress you with value (quality, price, service). It's this value that generates repeat business and referrals! So regardless of which tools or supplies you need for carving or painting gourds, expect the value. Not only do we want all your crafts with gourds to be successful, but we also want to be the gourd supplier for your future gourd crafts. Whether you're an expert at hand-painted gourds or you've never carved gourds in your life, count on us to do everything we can to help you produce beautiful decorative gourds, including the delivery of value.

You've discovered the Gourd Carving Tools and Craft Supplies center at Amish Gourds! Browse and get the tools and supplies here for your craft projects that involve carving and painting gourds. Excellent crafts with gourds result from using quality tools and supplies, and that's what you'll find here. Ramelson tools are made using the finest high carbon tool steel, hand forged, heat treated and tempered by expert American craftsmen. Each tool is polished, sharpened and brushed to reinforce the high standard that makes the Ramelson tool a lifetime tool. Used for wood or gourd carving. Your carved gourds and gourd crafts will reflect the difference! Produce hand-painted gourds, and use those decorative gourds as the enjoyable, therapeutic artistic outlet that only dried gourd crafts can provide, with quality tools and supplies! We appreciate your visit today, and look forward to serving you.

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1 4 Pack Bulbs4 Pack BulbsBuy extra lamp bulbs to have on hand. 4 pack of 5W bulbs fit night lights, christmas candles and more.
2 6' plug-in light cord w/ switch and socket (metal prong type) - black6' plug-in light cord w/ switch and socket (metal prong type) - blackBlack lamp cord w/clip in light socket. STP-1, 7 amp rating. U.L. Listed, Sockets rated 40W Max. Bulb. For indoor use only. 6 ft long, on/off switch, bulb included. Lamp Base sold separately.
3 7-1/2 watt light bulb7-1/2 watt light bulb7 Watt light bulb, for use with light cords sold above.
4 Adjustable Crescent Entrance Hole CylinderAdjustable Crescent Entrance Hole CylinderEasy to add this entrance to any type of birdhouse, wood or gourds, using a flexible caulk. Add this to any birdhouse - gourd, wood, by using a hole saw or jigsaw. Keep Starlings out and train your Purple Martins to use crescent entrances.
5 Cut-Out ToolCut-Out ToolSuitable for making holes and starting slots in gourds. I use this tool whenever I do cutting on a gourd.
6 Double Sided Gourd ToolDouble Sided Gourd ToolThe stainless steel blade has a beveled edge on one side and a serrated edge on the other side. Great for scraping gourds.
7 Gourd Tool - Heavy Loop ScraperGourd Tool - Heavy Loop ScraperTheir contoured hardwood handles make a comfortable fit for any size hand.
8 Hand SawHand SawThis little 5" long (1-3/4" blade) saw comes in handy to cut out gourds when power tools are not available (recommended for thinner shelled gourds)
9 Heavy Duty Piercing Tool (Awl)Heavy Duty Piercing Tool (Awl)Heavy duty piercing tool is perfect for punching holes in gourds. Length of tool is 4-1/2", easy to hold and use by applying pressure to make hole (up to 1/8" wide hole).
10 Lambswool Dye Applicator SwatchesLambswool Dye Applicator SwatchesFaster and better for large dye jobs than the dauber in the bottle. They stay soft - may be used over and over for the same color.
11 Leather Strip for Hanging BirdhousesLeather Strip for Hanging BirdhousesTanned leather strip for hanging birdhouses. Approximately 84" long. Enough for 4 birdhouses.
12 Lexel Adhesive Caulk 5 oz. Squeeze TubeLexel Adhesive Caulk 5 oz. Squeeze TubeWorks great for installing the entrance cylinder and cleanout access. Water cleanup.
13 Light Base Made with recycled materialsLight Base Made with recycled materialsThis 2-1/2" base is great for making luminaries or just stabilizing gourds that don't sit flat. Easy to install, paintable surface. Light cord and bulb not included. Wholesale/quantity price listed. Price shown is for one base.
14 Long Gourd Scraping ToolLong Gourd Scraping ToolGreat for Birdhouses! The GST1 is less expensive and works better than other commercially available gourd scrapers. Size: 10" total length, 6" from top of teardrop to top of handle.
15 Porch Deck for Adjustable Crescent Tube EntrancesPorch Deck for Adjustable Crescent Tube EntrancesAids the birds in getting in and out of the entrance, and provides a landing area to feed young birds.
16 Steelclad Gourd ScrubbySteelclad Gourd ScrubbyNew Steelclad scouring pads make gourd cleaning easier. Save time cleaning gourds! Fine steel ribbon woven to stay together for long life. 3-3/4" diameter x 2" thick.
17 Threaded Cleanout Access Cylinder and LidThreaded Cleanout Access Cylinder and LidAdd a cleanout access cylinder and lid to any large gourd for easy cleanout and nest checks.
18 Utility KnifeUtility KnifeEveryone who works on gourds needs at least one of these.
19 Utility Knife Replacement BladesUtility Knife Replacement BladesSharp blades reduce stress and injury.
20 Wool Daubers - 5 PackWool Daubers - 5 Pack5 Wool Daubers for applying leather dye. 4-1/2" long. Great for small projects.
21 Wool Sea Sponge-for paintingWool Sea Sponge-for paintingThis wool sea sponge is the perfect tool for painting background such as the sky. Size: aprox. 3" x 3" x 2".
Gourd scraping tools make the job easier. Using leather dyes on gourds allow you to color the gourd and still see the intricate mottling through the leather dye.


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