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Gourd Bird Houses


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Worlds largest selection of specially-cut birdhouse gourds for specific birds. Every gourd loving bird wants an entrance hole that fits. Attract Bluebirds, Purple Martins, Chickadees, Nuthatches, Finches, Crested Flycatchers, Golden-Fronted Woodpeckers, Red-Headed Woodpeckers, Carolina Wrens, Swallows, Hairy Woodpeckers, and more. We have the largest year-round inventory of ready-to-ship gourd bird houses anywhere!

Choose a hand painted gourd bird house or make one for yourself! 

You pick the style you want for the birds you seek. These natural gourd birdhouses invite birds to your backyard, garden, patio, or farm. Wherever you want birds for insect control, living scenery, or just plain enjoyment!

Buy today. Most orders are shipped within two business days!
Gourd Birdhouses

Gourd Birdhouses

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1 Yellow Rose Gourd BirdhouseBeautiful roses hand painted on a natural gourd, sealed for outdoor use.
2 Wrought Iron Extension HookHang your gourd birdhouse or feeder from tree branches that are hard to reach. Allows you to hang anything at the proper position for viewing. Sturdy hand forged steel hook, painted black. Will handle even heavy potted plants. Available in 4 sizes. 2 lengths in the 2-1/2" branch hook, 2 lengths in the 6" branch hook, with a 2-1/2" hook at the bottom. You will want more than one of these great hooks! Price shown is for the 12" length, 2-1/2" extension hook./ Choose other sizes from the drop
3 Wren Bird House - Dipper GourdThe perfect size wren house, made with a dipper gourd. Birds will love the handle to land on, and the hole size is just right for small birds. Color varies. Sealed for outdoor use
4 Wisteria Gourd Bird FeederBirds love the gourd bird feeders, and this one is especially lovely. Hand painted with Wisteria Flowers, sealed for outdoor use. Drainage holes, screening over holes so the seeds won't fall out. Diameter 8" - 9" x 12" - 13" Tall
5 Wisteria BirdhouseKettle style gourd birdhouse with a lovely Wisteria flower hand painted on the front.
6 Welcome Sunflower BirdhouseWelcome your birds with this pretty Sunflower gourd birdhouse. 1-1/2" entrance hole
7 Unfinished Gourd Bird House w/Heart EntranceUnfinished gourd birdhouse with a heart shaped entrance opening. This birdhouse is made using a medium sized gourd, 7" - 8" diameter and comes with a leather strap for hanging. Ready to paint or dye.
8 Unfinished Gourd Bird House (medium gourd) with 1-1/2" holeReady to paint or craft, drilled and clean, you do the finishing. Leather hanging strip included.
9 Rooster Gourd BirdHouseThis proud rooster is a great addition to our collection of painted birdhouses. Medium sized gourd with a 1-3/8" opening for most birds. Sealed for outdoor use and ready to hang with a leather strap.
10 Robin BirdhouseHand painted gourd birdhouse of a  Robin bird. 1-1/2" entrance hole, sealed for outdoor use.
11 Purple Martin House Kit w/ adjustable entrance hole and cleanout accessMake your own purple martin gourd birdhouse Includes 8" - 10" gourd, entrance cylinder with 1-1/2" to 1-3/16" adjustable crescent opening, threaded cleanout access cylinder, lid, porch,and tube of lexel adhesive caulk. Make your own Purple Martin Gourd House with this great kit.
12 Purple Martin House - white w/ adjustable crescent entrance and cleanout access9" - 11" diameter gourd. Large Cleanout Access, Adjustable Crescent Entrance enables you to train the Martins and keep Starlings and other birds out. Porch Deck Included. Very Roomy which is what the Martin likes.
13 Purple Martin House - white w/ 2" round hole and cleanout accessON SALE NOW! While supply lasts. This Purple Martin House has a large cavity, and has the convenient Cleanout Access with screw-on lid for ease in cleaning out, to check eggs and development of chicks. 
14 Pink Roses on a Dipper Gourd BirdhouseA beautiful hand painted curly dipper gourd, pink roses surround the entrance hole and adorn the handle as well. You may not want to put this one out for the birds. But it is sealed for outdoor use.
15 Pansy BirdhouseThese colorful pansies are a perfect addition to your garden or yard. Birds will love them too. Large gourd, 8" - 9" diameter, 1-1/2" entrance hole.
16 Medium Brown Gourd BirdhouseNatural Gourd birdhouse, medium brown with 1-1/2" entrance hole.
17 Maranka Gourd BirdhouseBirds will love this novelty birdhouse, rich earth tone colors, ready to hang with leather strap. Sealed for outdoor use. 6" - 7" diameter x 11" - 13" long.
18 Gourd Birdhouse w/Heartshaped Entrance HoleHeart shaped entrance hole, gourd birdhouse, made with a 7-8" kettle gourd.
19 Gourd BirdHouse Let It SnowGreat Holiday theme, Let It Snow, hand painted gourd Birdhouse. Sealed for outdoor use.
20 Gourd Birdhouse (small) 1-1/8" holeAttract small birds like chickadees and wrens. Natural color.
21 Gourd Birdhouse (medium) 1-1/2" holeGourd Birdhouse for bluebirds, carolina wrens, swallows, hairy woodpeckers, and more. 7" - 8" diameter, 1-1/2" entrance hole. Available in 4 colors, natural, red, med brown, royal blue, for other colors, please call.
22 Gourd Bird Feeder for suet & seed (8" - 10" diameter) largeThe fly thru feeder, easy to fill and fun to watch the birds as they enjoy feeding.
23 Folk Art Gourd Bird HouseHand painted gourd, made in the USA, folk art style farm scene. Nice, thick gourd with a 1-1/2" opening.
24 Daisy Gourd BirdhouseA new addition to our line of hand painted gourd birdhouses. White daises with blue accents. Gourd size 7" - 8" diameter, 1-1/2" entrance hole. Finished for outdoor use.
25 Cardinal BirdhouseA beautiful, Red, Cardinal hand painted on a gourd birdhouse. 8" - 9" Martin style gourd, sealed for outdoor use.
26 Buzz On InnDon't worry, be happy, at the Buzz on Inn Birdhouse.  1-1/2" entrance hole, sealed and ready to hang outdoors.

27 Box of Four Finished Bird HousesDON'T MISS THIS BARGAIN BOX! Gourd birdhouses in a variety of colors, shapes and hole sizes. Ready to hang, sealed for outdoor use. These are not seconds, but top quality birdhouses. If you desire specific colors or types, please order separately, each box is different.
28 Bottle Gourd Birdhouse w/WisteriaLovely hand painted Wisteria flowers adorn the front of this bottle gourd style birdhouse. Sealed for outdoor use.
29 Blue Bird Gourd BirdhouseGourd Birdhouse with a Blue Bird painted on the side. Medium sized gourd with a 1-1/2" hole, perfect size for bluebirds. Sealed for outdoor use, ready to hang with a leather strap. Image may vary from picture shown.
30 Bee Hive Gourd Bird HouseAn old favorite, Bee Hive with buzzing bees, painted on this 7" - 8" Gourd, sealed and ready for outdoor use.
31 2PK Bargain Gourd Birdhouse2 medium sized gourd birdhouses, variety of colors and shapes (will vary) with a 1-1/2" entrance hole. Drainage holes in bottom, leather hanging strap, very minor surface cracks which do not make any difference in the performance of the birdhouse. While supply lasts!

Gourds Make The BEST Bird Houses

Birds seem to prefer natural gourd bird houses over manufactured housing. When given a choice, and all other things are equal; ie, cavity size, hole size, color, and placement, they will frequently choose natural gourd birdhouses to raise their family. Click on the link above to read this article from The Purple Martin Update to learn why birds prefer gourds.

Gourd bird houses come in many sizes to accomodate different types of birds. Birds like an entrance hole that allows them to get inside, but keeps bigger birds and predators out. Our Birdhouse Hole Size Chart helps you attract the birds you want. Choose the right size entrance hole, hang the gourd according to the chart, and soon you'll be enjoying your new feathered friends.

About Perches

Birds have such great flying skills, they don't need them. We do not add them to our gourd bird houses, since they encourage predators. Perches allow bigger birds to sit on the perch, reach their head in to the house of a smaller bird, and cause trouble. If you would like a gourd bird house for decoration, and want a perch, you can drill a hole a couple inches below the opening and insert a piece of wooden dowel.
Care of your Gourd Bird House

Except for the Purple Martin Houses, each gourd bird house has 2 coats of Polyurethane to protect it from the elements. (Purple Martin Houses are painted with exterior paint). You may notice after some time outside, they could use some more protection. We recommend that each year after the birds have gone, bring the gourd bird house inside, clean it out, wipe it off, sand lightly, and spray on a fresh coat of polyurethane. For an easier way of cleaning out the old nest, a cleanout access cylinder and lid can be added to any 8" or larger gourd bird house. See Purple Martin Houses, Kits and Accessories page.
Bird-Preferred Inside Treatment
The inside of the gourd bird house will be rough (not completely scraped out). They like to dig their claws into the pith (soft inner part) of the gourd to navigate around their nest. Holes are drilled in the sides and bottom of each gourd bird house for ventilation and drainage. Your birds will be happier in a gourd bird house.


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