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Do you enjoy making your own holiday decorations and gifts? Gourds are the perfect media for painting, wood burning, carving and decorating. Make your own personal gift of a gourd ornament, birdhouse, or other hand made creation, and give a unique one of a kind gift to someone special!
Shipping Rates

Shipping Rates

UPS has added additional rural service charges to some locations. We want to help you with shipping costs. Call toll free (877)843-0770 to find out if the costs can be reduced for your order.  We can look for alternatives that are not available on line.

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Welcome, you've just found a great place to...
Buy Clean, Dried Gourds for Crafts and Gourd Bird House

                                                ​Gourd Birdhouses                                          

Ready to craft gourds                                                                                                                                          
Our "ready to craft" dried gourds are all hand-picked for size, shape, stability and texture.

Go here to see REALLY LARGE GOURDS.  Last years crop had the perfect weather and rainfall to produce some GIANTS!  Call for more information or to check shipping options- 877-843-0770

The best of the crop!
Don't miss our Bargain Box of Gourds - Save on less than perfect gourds!

Don't Get Dirty!
Why go through the hassle of scraping and washing gourds? No need to mess with nasty chemicals. We take care of the dirty work for you. Are you buying dirty, moldy gourds and scrubbing them until your hands hurt? We have great prices on dried, cleaned gourds. You can be sure that each gourd has been thoroughly washed and inspected so you don't have to get dirty.

Save your precious time by not cleaning gourds. Start carving, burning, or painting right away!

This is what people are saying about our cleaned gourds:

"I received the gourds today and they are perfect! I really appreciate you custom picking them and shipping them right away, thank you. "
Jennifer Luciano

"The two tobacco boxes I requested arrived a short while ago. They are perfect! Thank you for the extra effort you went to to select them. The smaller of the two is about as perfect a gourd as I have ever seen. Ed Tisdale
Thanks sooooo much!
You will be hearing from me again!!! :)))"
Regards- Anne G.

"Thank you so much for working with us. The gourds arrived last Friday and they are perfect!  Our Fine Arts Camp began yesterday and the kids are certainly enjoying all the music and art that they are making!  I look forward to working with you again in the future."
Regards, Dana, Boone, NC

We offer top quality power and hand tools for working with our gourds. Proxxon jigsaws, sanders and routing tools allow you to work and create professional looking projects with ease.  Ramelson chip carving tools are made in the USA and will last a life time.  Precision milled steel blades require less sharpening, create smooth and even carved lines with less work. 

Proxxon Mini-Jigsaw
Check out our Proxxon Gourd Tools and Ramelson Gourd Carving Tool Ramelson Gourd Carving Tools.

Wanted: Landlords

Did you know that there is a housing shortage for all cavity-nesting birds? Read the article. Some birds, such as the Purple Martin, rely solely on Humans for housing east of the Rocky Mountains. Find out how you can create a summer habitat for the Purple Martin to raise their young. Start a colony today! Responsible housing that resists Starlings can help keep their population from dwindling. Each Purple Martin Gourd House has a cleanout access, and is available with a Starling Resistant Entrance Hole. (SREH)   

Watch with delight as your feathered friends build their nest in your gourd bird house.  No need to look all over town for that perfect gift, just visit our gourd market. We stock hundreds of gourd birdhouses in many sizes and colors.  A hand painted gourd birdhouse makes a great gift!

Shop With Confidence!
Check out our great natural products. Buy online today with our Secure checkout. Security is our #1 concern! Our Anti-Virus and Malware software protection is state of the art, updated daily and provides total security against threats.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Review our Shop with Confidence 100% Guarantee to learn why shopping at Amish Gourds is completely safe.

Buy Gourds Wholesale
If you have a small business, or would like to buy dried gourds in larger quantities for a school project, church or social group, or bulk order, contact us by calling our toll free number, 877-843-0770.  Or send us an e-mail and tell us what you're interested in. We will work with your budget by offering wholesale pricing on washed gourds.

Compare our Prices
 We offer low prices for clean, ready to craft gourds. And we do not have a minimum order requirement like many other companies. We give you what you want, plus more value for your money. Most orders ship the same day if placed by 1:00 P.M. EST. For orders weighing less than 3 pounds (actual weight), we may ship USPS for quicker delivery to you. Shipping costs are calculated by the dimension of the package, not the actual weight.  Some orders will ship for less if handled by the USPS, Standard Post.  You may call for these rates since they cannot be calculated throught the shopping cart. Call 877-843-0770 for more information on lowering your shipping cost.

Need a special type of gourd for your project? With specific size requirements? We are happy to take the time to look for the gourd you need.  Hand picked for you, we try to ensure that you get exactly what you need. Sending a picture of your project helps with selection too!

Searching for a Gift idea?
Have you considered a gourd gift? Everyone enjoys birds, and a hand painted gourd birdhouse makes a great gift on any occasion. For the artist or craft lover, we have thousands of gourds, washed and ready to use for painting, carving, and numerous other decorating projects. We also have gourd tools, books, Fiebing leather dye and power tools. Too busy to shop around for a gift? We can ship it right to your door. What could be easier?

Choosing to buy a dried gourd or birdhouse gourds from Amish Gourds helps sustain a healthy, simple way of life practiced by Old World Amish for centuries. Support American farming, and keep earth-friendly jobs at home.

Gourd bird houses and clean, dried gourds are our specialty. We strive to keep a great supply of clean gourds year round for sale for your gourd art and craft projects. Service is important to us, so let us know how we can do things better. We want to be your gourd supplier! Our Toll Free number is 1-877-843-0770.


Internet Security is our #1 Concern.  Our priority is protecting cardholder data.  We do not share any information with anyone. Our processing system is Class A with the PCI Security Standards.

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