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  • Gourd Birdhouse (small) 1-1/8″ hole – british tan

    For chickadees and many wrens. 5″ – 6″ diameter

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  • Gourd Birdhouse (small) 1-1/8″ hole – burgundy

    for chickadees, nuthatches and many wrens. 5″ – 6″ diameter

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  • Gourd Birdhouse (small) 1-1/8″ hole – red

    for chickadees, wrens and many smaller birds. 5" – 6" diameter gourd with 1-1/8" entrance hole

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  • Gourd Birdhouse w/Black Capped Chickadee

    A lovely little chickadee decorates this birdhouse. (Each design may vary slightly as these are hand painted) For indoor or outdoor use.

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  • Gourd Birdhouse w/Heartshaped Entrance Hole

    Birds will love this pretty kettle gourd birdhouse with a heart shaped entrance hole, painted red and ready to hang with the leather hanging strap. There are drainage holes in the base and the dyed finish is polyurethane coated for outdoor use. Gourd is 7-8" diameter.

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  • Gourd Bowl, 9″ Diameter

    Gourd Bowls cut and cleaned inside and out. Ready for your personal touch. Great for pyrography, painting and carving. Most of the work has been done except for some light sanding. Sold individually. 8″ -9″ diameter bowl, mouth is about 5″-7″ wide. 

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  • Gourd Bowl w/handle

    Gourd bowl with twisted wire handle is a perfect fit for any holiday decor.  No finish applied, cleaned inside. Ready to paint, decorate or use just as is. Size: 7-8" diameter, aprox. 7" tall  to rim of bowl.

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  • Gourd Crafts – 6 Projects & Patterns

    Learn all the steps necessary, from the ground up you might say, to create wonderful art with gourds. Over 220 clear color photos and concise text explain how to create gourd bird houses, bowls, apple boxes, whimsy-bird vases, ewers, and scarecrow roly-polys. The informative text also provides essential information on growing, curing, and cleaning gourds of different types. Cutting and cleaning techniques, the proper use of glues and wood fillers, and how to transfer pattern drawings to gourds are also covered. Decorating gourds is addressed in detail, including coloring, burning, decorative carving, and finishing techniques. Pattern drawings and a resources guide listing the names and addresses of useful suppliers are supplied. This is the perfect guide for all who pursue this entertaining and rewarding craft.

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  • Gourd cup/bowl (5"-6" dia)

    Gourd cup/bowl (5″-6″ dia)

    This small 5" – 6" diameter gourd makes a perfect cup (matte) or trinket bowl. Aprox 3" deep sides. Cleaned out and ready to finish.

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  • Gourd Fun for everyone

    Gourd Fun for Everyone by Sammie Crawford, the Fairy Gourdmother. Discover a world of enchantment and creative possibilities with Sammie Crawford, the Fairy Gourdmother.? Her painting and decorating techniques, patterns, and practical instruction will have you creating masterpieces. Gourds are everywhere: in gardens, at the grocery or farmer's market, and online. Whether you create a Christmas character, a frog prince, a snowman, a mermaid, a lighthouse, or a bow-legged cowboy, you'll be smiling from start to finish. Eight step-by-step projects are shown to get you started, and there are lots of other examples to inspire your own ideas of what a gourd can be.

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  • Gourd Hanging Basket or Planter

    Natural Gourd plant hanger, or use to fill with anything. 9-10″ dia. gourd, 6″ deep, 7″-7-1/2″ opening. Grapevine coiled around opening for a rustic look. Leather hanging straps. Finished with polyurethane on exterior only. Drainage holes in bottom.

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  • Gourd Jack-o-Lantern-Goofy

    This gourd jack-o-lantern is glad it’s getting close to Halloween because he likes to be on the porch greeting trick or treaters. He’s made from a 8″ Kettle Gourd and stands about 10″ tall. Plug in to light him up, base and lamp cord w/bulb and switch included.

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