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Super Jigsaw SS115/E
Super Jigsaw SS115/E
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Ideal for cutting in tight curves, this jigsaw is able to plug directly into a 110 outlet, no transformer required. Works with or without the footswitch pedal. Comes with a sturdy case, 2 course blades, 2 fine blades, allen wrench, and instructions.
Maximum power 1/8hp (100 watts)
Speed 2,000 - 4,500 strokes/min.
Cutting Capacity: Wood-up to 1/2" thick
Length 8 inches
Voltage 110-120V AC, 60 Hz
Weight 2 pounds
Features Benefits
Slim aluminum die-cast head provides a stable housing for moving parts and ensures longevity.
Adjustable foot plate up to 45� for miter cuts
Miter guide for rip cuts with thumb screw
Separate on/off switch and speed control dial for perfect speed every time
Variable speed from 2,000 - 4,500 strokes/min
Special balanced, low noise motor with full wave electronics
Efficient cooling system facilitates extended use under various load conditions.
Two year warranty