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  • XLG Swan Neck Gourd

    XLG Swan neck style gourd. I really like this gourd, lots of possibilities. Smooth shell, solid gourd. 8.5" dia. at widest (27" circumference) x 27" long.

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  • XLG Tobacco Box

    Beautiful hard shell, banjo and bowl quality gourd.  11" diameter, nice round shape, no flat sides. Only a few available

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  • Yellow Rose Gourd Birdhouse

    Yellow Rose Gourd Birdhouse

    This hand painted gourd birdhouse can be used indoors or out. As a house for the birds or a lovely accent to your decor. Size 9" dia. x 10" tall. Leather strap for hanging, sealed for outdoor use.

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  • Copper Canyon Canteen Gourd

    Copper Canyon Canteen Gourd

    The Copper Canyon Canteen Gourd is a very round, symmetrical gourd that comes to a point at the stem. The shells are very hard and dense. All have intricate mottling like the one shown here. Size range is 6-1/2" to 8" in diameter, and their height is about 1 inch taller than their diameter (not including the stem). These make excellent bowls and planters, and are great for pyrography and carving.

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  • Jewelry Gourd-Starter box (25)

    Jewelry Gourd-Starter box (25)

    Great for making jewelry, ornaments, necklaces, etc. Approximately 1"- 1-1/2" in diameter. Gourds are washed and ready to craft. 25 gourds in box, variey of sizes.

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  • Martin (kettle) Gourd (5″-6″ diameter) small

    A great gourd for a small (wren) birdhouse, painted figures and more. 5″-6″ dia. x 6″-8″ tall. The diameter is measured at the widest point of the gourd.

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  • Purple Martin House – white with crescent tube entrance and cleanout access

    NEW ITEM – available for shipment NOW! These large Purple Martin Houses have the crescent tube entrance and cleanout access with screw-on lid. Easy to do nest inspections and clean out the nest after the season.

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  • Warty apple gourd

    This is what happens when you cross a warty gourd with a apple gourd! For the adventurous gourder. Would make a great birdhouse or whatever you can create. Add texture to your holiday decor with a warty kettle gourd! Limited quantity. Sizes range from 6″ – 7″ dia.

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  • Purple Martin House w/cleanout

    Box of two (2) finished and ready to hang purple martin houses.  Only one box available.  Lg. 10″ gourds w/2″ entrance hole and clean out cylinder.  Painted white, hanging wire included.  Gourds are thinner than our premium gourd bird house.

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  • Long Gourd Scraping Tool

    We chose this scraping tool after trying many of the commercial tools on the market because the GST1 is less expensive and works better. The GST1’s sharp, serrated, teardrop shaped head gets into the hardest to reach places and easily removes the toughest pith from the inside of the gourd. This long scraper is ideal for cleaning out birdhouses… it fits through a 1″ hole! Size: 10″ total length, 6″ from top of teardrop to top of handle.

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  • Gourd Birdhouse (large) 2″ hole – natural

    For Purple martins, Crested Flycatchers, Golden-Fronted Woodpeckers, Red-Headed Woodpeckers, and more. Available in natural color. Ready to hang with leather strap. 

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