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  • XL Round Tobacco Box Gourd

    If you want a really large, round and deep gourd, this is it!  Size is 47-1/2" circumference (15.4" dia) and 16" tall.
    Nice hard, smooth shell.  The perfect canvas for a painter, or a lovely gourd to carve, or make a bowl with.

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  • XL Unwashed Kettle Gourd 11-12″ dia.

    Save $$$  buy unwashed gourds, easy to wash with water and a little scrubbing. XL kettle gourds, perfect for many gourd crafts, the beauty is behind the dirt!  11" – 12" diameter, while supply lasts.

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  • XLG Curved Neck Bottle

    What can you do with a 11-1/2"D (36" circumference) x 21" T Bottle gourd?  Very nice gourd, only one like this.

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  • XLG Dipper Gourd

    Really nice dipper gourd, sizes, 8"-9" dia. x 16" Long. Good, solid gourd. Perfect for holiday themed gourds such as a santa. Price is for one gourd.

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  • XLG Milk Bottle Gourd

    Lovely shaped bottle type gourd.  Size is 10"D  x 17" Tall.  The uses for this gourd are as limited as the imagination.

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  • XLG Swan Neck Gourd

    XLG Swan neck style gourd. I really like this gourd, lots of possibilities. Smooth shell, solid gourd. 8.5" dia. at widest (27" circumference) x 27" long.

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  • XLG Tobacco Box

    Beautiful hard shell, banjo and bowl quality gourd.  11" diameter, nice round shape, no flat sides. Only a few available

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  • Yellow Rose Gourd Birdhouse

    Yellow Rose Gourd Birdhouse

    This hand painted gourd birdhouse can be used indoors or out. As a house for the birds or a lovely accent to your decor. Size 9" dia. x 10" tall. Leather strap for hanging, sealed for outdoor use.

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  • Copper Canyon Canteen Gourd

    Copper Canyon Canteen Gourd

    The Copper Canyon Canteen Gourd is a very round, symmetrical gourd that comes to a point at the stem. The shells are very hard and dense. All have intricate mottling like the one shown here. Size range is 6-1/2" to 8" in diameter, and their height is about 1 inch taller than their diameter (not including the stem). These make excellent bowls and planters, and are great for pyrography and carving.

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  • Jewelry Gourd-Starter box (25)

    Jewelry Gourd-Starter box (25)

    Great for making jewelry, ornaments, necklaces, etc. Approximately 1"- 1-1/2" in diameter. Gourds are washed and ready to craft. 25 gourds in box, variey of sizes.

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  • Martin (kettle) Gourd (5″-6″ diameter) small

    A great gourd for a small (wren) birdhouse, painted figures and more. 5″-6″ dia. x 6″-8″ tall. The diameter is measured at the widest point of the gourd.

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  • Purple Martin House – white with crescent tube entrance and cleanout access

    NEW ITEM – available for shipment NOW! These large Purple Martin Houses have the crescent tube entrance and cleanout access with screw-on lid. Easy to do nest inspections and clean out the nest after the season.

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