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  • Wool Sea Sponge-for painting

    This wool sea sponge is the perfect tool for painting background such as the sky. Size: aprox. 3″ x 3″ x 2″. Sold one per package.

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  • Wren Bird House – Dipper Gourd

    The perfect size wren house, made with a dipper gourd. Birds will love the handle to land on, and the hole size is just right for small birds. color varies. Sealed for outdoor use

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  • Wrought Iron Extension Hook

    Hang your gourd birdhouse or feeder from tree branches that are hard to reach. Allows you to hang anything at the proper position for viewing. Sturdy hand forged steel hook, painted black. Will handle even heavy potted plants. Available in 2 sizes. Length – 12" Long with 6" branch hook and 2-1/2" hanging hook, or 2-1/2" hook on both ends.
    You will want more than one of these great hooks!  

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  • XL Bottle Gourd

    This is a really large gourd! 13-1/2" dia. at widest point and 22" in height. Beautiful coloring, would make a nice focal point for decorating. Some small holes, could be filled in with wood filler, or left as is for the natural look. Ships as 20 lb. weight due to being oversized.

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  • XL Bottle type Gourd

    Very large tall bottle gourd, excellent quality and shape. Could be perfect for shekere. Size: 10" dia. x 17" Tall

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  • XL Chinese Bottle

    XLG Chinese style bottle gourd, washed and ready to craft.  Size: 15 1/4" Diameter, (48" Circumference at widest part), x 21" Tall  What a fantastic gourd! Only one available.

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  • XL Long Handled Dipper

    Nice long handle dipper gourd, size 8.5" diameter (27" circumference) x 25" long.  Thin handle, very solid gourd.

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  • XL Round Tobacco Box Gourd

    If you want a really large, round and deep gourd, this is it!  Size is 47-1/2" circumference (15.4" dia) and 16" tall.
    Nice hard, smooth shell.  The perfect canvas for a painter, or a lovely gourd to carve, or make a bowl with.

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  • XL Unwashed Kettle Gourd 11-12″ dia.

    Save $$$  buy unwashed gourds, easy to wash with water and a little scrubbing. XL kettle gourds, perfect for many gourd crafts, the beauty is behind the dirt!  11" – 12" diameter, while supply lasts.

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  • XLG Curved Neck Bottle

    What can you do with a 11-1/2"D (36" circumference) x 21" T Bottle gourd?  Very nice gourd, only one like this.

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  • XLG Dipper Gourd

    Really nice dipper gourd, sizes, 8"-9" dia. x 16" Long. Good, solid gourd. Perfect for holiday themed gourds such as a santa. Price is for one gourd.

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  • XLG Milk Bottle Gourd

    Lovely shaped bottle type gourd.  Size is 10"D  x 17" Tall.  The uses for this gourd are as limited as the imagination.

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