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  • Martin/Kettle Gourd 9" Diameter Box of 6, blemished

    Martin/Kettle Gourd 9″ Diameter Box of 6, blemished

    Our 9″ kettles are great for woodburning, painting, and carving.  They also make great baskets and bowls.  These gourds measure 9″ in diameter and around a foot tall.  These kettles have some small surface irregularities and/or blemishes.

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  • Martin/Kettle Gourd 9" Diameter, blemished

    Martin/Kettle Gourd 9″ Diameter, blemished

    The perfect all purpose gourd, great for birdhouses, baskets, bowls, good surface for carving as well as painting.  9″ in diameter and 12″ tall.  These kettles have some small surface irregularities and/or blemishes.

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  • Mexican Water Bottle Gourd 7″

    Beautiful Mexican Water Bottle gourd.  Measures about 7″ in diameter and 11-12″ tall.  

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  • Mini Pumpkin Box of 12

    These beautiful mini pumpkins are bright and go perfect on a doorstep or as a centerpiece. Each box comes with 12 pumpkins. These are natural, real pumpkins (not artificial).

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  • Ornamental Gourds Box of 12

    These beautiful ornamental gourds are full of color and perfect for fall decor. Each box comes with 12 assorted gourds.

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  • Purple Martin House – white w/ standard crescent entrance and cleanout access

    For Purple Martins 9″ diameter. This Purple Martin House made from a Natural Gourd has the (SREH) Starling Resistant Entrance Hole and Cleanout Access hole. The holes shape is necessary in most areas to promote the species. See why on the Tips and Information Pages.

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  • Unfinished Gourd Bird House (medium gourd) with 1-1/2″ hole

    This is the way to go if you like making your own birdhouse. We do the drilling and cleaning and you do the finishing. This is a 7″ to 8″ gourd that has been drilled with a 1-1/2″ entrance hole, ventilation holes and hanging holes. The entrance hole may easily be enlarged with some coarse sanding paper or a jigsaw. They are cleaned and ready for your finishing touches. Paint them, dye them, or just spray a coat of urethane on them for that great natural look. LEATHER HANGING STRIP INCLUDED.

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  • 1/4″ U Straight Carving Tool – 6″ Palm

    6" long straight U – shaped Palm Tool – 1/4". This may be the most popular carving tool for Gourd Artists. ONLY 1 LEFT!

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  • 1/4″ -#9B Gourd Carving Tool-6″ palm

    6" long bent U shaped Palm Tool – 1/4" #9B gouge. This tool is very popular with gourd carvers. Ergonomic handle has flat spot on bottom for secure grip and control.

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  • Longleaf Pine Needles for Crafting, Basket Making, 6 oz Dyed 7 Colors

    These longleaf pine needles are from 11″ to 13″ long.  Great for baskets, bowls, and weaving.  Comes with 6 oz of pine needles.  Choose from 7 different colors (left to right in photo): mahogany, brown, red, green, yellow, orange, and sunset.

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  • 10 Pack Fun Box

    10 Pack Fun Box

    This box contains 10 washed 4"-5" gourds, variety of shapes and sizes including, bottle, cannonball, dipper and more. Perfect for making ornaments, fun for both young and old gourd enthusiasts. Families or groups will enjoy painting and creating with this fun box of washed, ready to craft, dried gourds.

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  • 180 Grit Sandpaper for Proxxon Pen Sander

    Package of coarse grit sandpaper contains three sheets. Each sheet has 20 pads (5 each of four shapes), pre-profiled for the different shank shapes. Pads are self-adhesive.

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