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  • Purple Martin House – white w/ 2″ round hole and cleanout access

    This Purple Martin House has a large cavity (9″ – 10″ dia. gourd) and has the convenient Cleanout Access with screw-on lid.  Other birds will also like the roominess of this home. See the Tips and information pages to learn more about Purple Martins. 

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  • Purple Martin House – white w/ standard crescent entrance and cleanout access

    For Purple Martins 9″ diameter. This Purple Martin House made from a Natural Gourd has the (SREH) Starling Resistant Entrance Hole and Cleanout Access hole. The holes shape is necessary in most areas to promote the species. See why on the Tips and Information Pages.

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  • Martin (kettle) Gourd (9" diameter)  large

    Martin (kettle) Gourd (9″ diameter) large

    great for birdhouses, baskets, bowls, etc. The diameter is measured at the widest point of the gourd. 

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  • Wren House Gourd (5"-6" dia)

    Wren House Gourd (5″-6″ dia)

    This 5″-6″ diameter gourd is the perfect cavity size for wrens, chickadees and other small nesting birds, which is why it is call the Wren House Gourd. This gourd has a nice, smooth shell and would be perfect for many other gourd crafts too.

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  • Unfinished Gourd Birdhouse- 1-1/8" opening

    Unfinished Gourd Birdhouse- 1-1/8″ opening

    Smaller than the Medium sized birdhouse. Great for wrens, chickadees and other small birds. This is the way to go if you like making your own birdhouse. We do the drilling and cleaning and you do the finishing. This is a 6″ to 7″ gourd that has been drilled with a 1-1/8″ entrance hole, ventilation holes and hanging holes. The entrance hole may easily be enlarged with some coarse sanding paper or a jigsaw. They are cleaned and ready for your finishing touches. Paint them, dye them, or just spray a coat of urethane on them for that great natural look. LEATHER HANGING STRIP INCLUDED

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  • Gourd Birdhouse (medium) 1-1/2" hole - red

    Gourd Birdhouse (medium) 1-1/2″ hole – red

    For some wrens, titmouses, nuthatches, and more. 7″ -8″ diameter

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  • Gourd Birdhouse (medium) 1-1/2" hole - british tan

    Gourd Birdhouse (medium) 1-1/2″ hole – saddle tan

    For some wrens, titmouses, nuthatches, and more. 7″ – 8″ diameter

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  • Gourd Birdhouse (medium) 1-1/2″ hole

    Gourd Birdhouse for bluebirds, carolina wrens, swallows, hairy woodpeckers, and more. 7″ – 8″ diameter, 1-1/2″ entrance hole. Available in 4 colors, natural, red, mahogany (medium brown), and saddle tan (light brown).  We can make a particular color for you, just  give us a call.  Sealed for outdoor use.

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  • Gourd Luminary Kit

    Don’t worry about having to use a hole saw, cut and clean out a gourd with this kit. Create a beautiful gourd table top luminary. Everything is included for one luminary:

    1 5-6″ cannonball gourd with 2 1/4″ hole in the bottom to insert the light
    1 lamp cord with on/off switch
    1 light bulb
    1 lamp base to help stabilize the gourd
    instructions included

    Note: First picture is beautiful customer art!  But gourd is not sent finished – 1 hole only

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  • Gourd Bowl

    Gourd Bowl

    Gourd Bowls cut and cleaned inside and out. Ready for your personal touch. Great for pyrography, painting and carving. Most of the work has been done except for some light sanding. Sold individually.

    7″ -8″ diameter bowl.

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  • Cannonball Gourd

    Cannonball Gourd

    Aptly named because they resemble the size and shape of a Civil War cannonball. These gourds are very round. They are about 5" – 6" in diameter with lots of natural mottling.

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  • Banana Gourd

    Banana Gourd

    Banana Gourds are great for crafting. You can make birds, dolls, gourd carrots (see picture below) and whatever your imagination can dream of.   Great size for ornaments or sculpting projects.

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