Medium Gourds (4-6″ diameter)

These medium sized gourds are perfect for woodburning, lamps, painting, and birdhouses

  • Apache Dipper Gourd, blemished

    These blemished Apache dipper gourds are excellent for woodburning, painting, and birdhouses. Their bulbs are between 6-7″ in diameter and around 12-14″ long. The total length of the gourd following along the curve is around 20″. These blemished apaches have small cracks, holes and/or blemishes.

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  • Apple Gourd (4" - 6" across) medium

    Apple Gourd (4″ – 6″ across) medium

    The distinctive apple shape makes these gourds a favorite with crafters who like to paint them. They also make great birdhouses due to their very roomy interiors.

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  • Big Ball Dipper Gourd (5″-6″ ball, 12″-14″ long)

    Rattle shaped gourd. Great for many different crafts. Short dippers have bulbs that range from 5″ – 6″ in diameter and handles that range from 6″ – 8″ in length. The total length is usually between 12″-14″.  Handle may be straight or curved.  If you need a particular shape or size, please make note of this at the end of check out in the notes section.

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  • Cannonball Gourd 5-6″

    Aptly named because they resemble the size and shape of a Civil War cannonball. These gourds are very round. They are about 5″ – 6″ in diameter with lots of natural mottling.

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  • Cannonball Gourd 5-6″ diameter, blemished

    These cannonball/basketball gourds  are about 5″ – 6″ in diameter.  They are round and make great cups, bowls, drums, and luminaries.  These blemished cannonballs have some small cracks, holes and/or blemishes.

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  • Cannonball Gourd 6-7″

    Called a basketball gourd or a cannonball gourd. These are between 6 and 7 inches in diameter.

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  • Canteen Gourd (5" - 7" diameter) medium

    Canteen Gourd (5″ – 7″ diameter) medium

    Canteen gourds are a favorite for crafting. They have so many uses including dishes, bowls and purses. A nice smooth surface, color will vary from light to dark blonde.

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  • Kettle Gourd (6″-7″ dia)

    This 6″-7″ diameter gourd is the perfect cavity size for wrens, chickadees and other small nesting birds, which is why it is call the Wren House Gourd. This gourd has a nice, smooth shell and would be perfect for many other gourd crafts too.  This gourd measures between 9″-10″ tall.

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  • Long Curly Dipper Gourd

    Very versatile gourd, long handled dipper gourds have a ball diameter ranging from 4-1/2″ – 6″ in diameter. Display with flowers, candles, incorporate into a beautiful centerpiece or just use alone. See the lovely centerpiece below, cut out and insert a jar, add water, and display fresh flowers. These gourds also make a nice birdhouse too!

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  • Maranka Gourd

    Maranka’s are known for their protruding veins. They are commonly used for rattles and crafts. Make nice bird houses, dippers and planters too.  Ball is 5-6″ in diameter and total length is about 12″.

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  • Tobacco Box Gourd (5" - 7") small

    Tobacco Box Gourd (5″ – 7″) small

    The tobacco box gourd is great for pyrography, carving and painting. These are very nice shaped gourds. Some are more “peaked than others”.  These measure 5-7″ in diameter and around 3-4″ tall.

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  • Warty Gourd

    This is a very hard shelled gourd, runs aprox. 5″ to 6″ in diameter and about the same in height. Most have stems. Some have more warts than others. This gourd makes a really cute wren house. (recommend a 1″ entrance hole) These gourds are washed and ready to craft. A very attractive decorative gourd, stained and sealed they are just lovely!

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