Bargain Boxes of Gourds

UP TO 50% OFF!

Our bargain boxes are marked down up to 50% off our normal website price.
These boxes are limited time only and they run out quick!

  • Banana Gourd

    Banana Gourd Box of 75

    Banana Gourds are a favorite for crafts. They are excellent for making ornaments, painting, or sculpting.

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  • Cannonball Gourd

    Cannonball Gourd Box of 5

    Box of 5 cannonball gourds, also known as basketball gourds.   These gourds are great for luminaries and light crafts as well as bowls, birdhouses, carving, and painting.  They are about 5″ – 6″ in diameter.

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  • Irregular Egg Gourds Box of 100

    These great egg gourds have some small shape differences little blemishes.  These are about 1″ diameter and 1 1/2″ in length. 

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  • Irregular Jewelry Gourds (Sennari) Bottle Style Box of 100

    Buy in bulk and save!  These are 1 to 2″ in diameter and about 2″ tall.  These gourds are slightly different shaped or have small blemishes but are still perfect for crafting!

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  • Spoon Gourd

    Mini Dipper Gourd Box of 75

    Our mini dipper gourds, also known as the spoon gourd, is the perfect gourd for crafting.  These gourds are 2″ to 2-1/2″ in diameter and 4″ to 5″ in length.

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  • Spinner Gourds

    Spinner Gourds Box of 75

    Tennessee spinner gourds are perfect for jewelry, ornaments, and any sort of home decor you can think of.  They have smooth, hard shells and are about 1″- 1-1/2″ in diameter. 

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